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Being a parent hasn’t been a boat ride for Nonso and Ronke. These are two different people — completely different people with different heritage and history — bounded by friendship, love, marriage, and then children. Over the years, memories have been made — very unforgettable memories — and these have made them indomitable together.

They have been a good couple, and most of the time, good parents too. Well, not all parents are perfect. Their childhood experiences are to blame for certain parenting faults. Nonso didn’t get much attention from his polygamous father, neither did Ronke get the love she desired from her ambitious mother. They both are trying to be better persons (and parents) and give optimal attention to their children than they ever got from theirs.

Until April 3.

On April 3, there was a small party. Only the four families in the quarters were invited. It was really a small party, but the government (if they knew) would have prosecuted the hosts for violating “Social Distancing,” and probably sentence them to community service for fourteen days. None of these happened though.

It was quite a lovely evening. It reminded Nonso and Ronke how life was when they newly fell in love. For a moment, they were oblivious of their parental responsibilities.

The children were also at the party. Vincent was preoccupied playing the latest FIFA Pro with his friends. The twins were just too adorable, and all the little girls wanted to carry them. It was the perfect dinner party for Nonso and Ronke, there was simply no care in the world for other things (other things meaning “their children”).

At the end of the party, they were totally lost in the moments. Nonso and Ronke were sober, but were intoxicated in the nostalgia. The memories of old times kept coming and they wanted it to last till the morning.

Vincent had fallen asleep in his friend’s room, and the twins were just no where to be found. It was when Ronke got to their apartment that it dawned that she had forgotten the children at her neighbour’s apartment. Nonso, on the other hand, was completely oblivious until Ronke brought the kids back.

©Jonathan Ukor 2020

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