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It’s another Monday. Another lockdown Monday. The twins seem to be enjoying the holidays. They didn’t have to wake early to prepare for school. They were still fast asleep when Vincent stormed into his parents room and asked, “Mommy, are we not going to school today?”

Ronke stretched wearisomely, she was woken by his voice. As she sat on the bed, she drew Vincent closer and explained a tenth time why schools were shut down.

“When all this is over, you will go to school,” she assured him. Ronke knew Vincent loves school. Right from his kindergarten, he was overly enthused about education.

“When will all this be over, mom?” Vincent inquired still.

Ronke had never thought of this. Maybe subconsciously she had. But at the question of her son, she was dumbfounded. She had prayed for God to put an end to the whole horror show. She wished she could resume her normal life.

Lost in her thoughts, Vincent asked again, “Who will teach me maths and English?”

Ronke shuddered. She agreed to be his teacher. She would teach him mathematics today from 11AM to 12PM. Vincent nodded and smiled at her with expectant eyes.

Ronke wasn’t an educated person per se. She had dropped out of school after writing junior WAEC. Her father had been the one sponsoring her education until his unfortunate death. She was forced to join her mother in the trading business in order to cater for the family.

On March 30, Ronke wished for a thousand things. She wished she was born in a wealthy family. She wished her father had lived longer to see her excel. She wished her mother had treated her with more care. She wished the virus was a global hallucination.

Lost in her fantasies, Vincent repeated the question jerking her back to reality. “The ratio of girls to boys in class is 9:7 and there are 80 students in the class. How many girls are in the class?”

Ronke startled in disbelief. She wished she was able to solve a simple word problem in mathematics.

©Jonathan Ukor 2020

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