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The world is changing. There had been a ridiculous hike in the prices of basic goods and commodities. For example, a paint rubber of garri sold for N350 the previous week had doubled to N700. Even a paint rubber of rice is worth a fortune.

The global statistics of virus-related death continued to rise exponentially each day. Also, people can no longer hug or shake hands. The government called it “Social distancing.” They advised people to stay at least six feet apart. These are strange times indeed.

Nonso is a cynic — the kind of person that can’t entrust his life to anyone. He treats life the same way he runs his business. He believes that people have selfish desires and only want what’s best for themselves.

So, when there were speculations in unorthodox media that the virus was caused by electromagnetic radiations, he was quick to align to that school of thought. He knew what money can drive people to do, so there was nothing anyone would say to dissuade him for this belief. He decided to put away his tablet and any gadget emitting electromagnetic waves. This is how cynical he was.

He also read that the world powers are trying to reduce the population of the world for easier control and management. These world powers were known as the “New World Order”. They consist of all the billionaires in the world of which Bill Gates was the chairman.

According to the news, which source was unknown, the world powers were using the pandemic to achieve their aim and become richer. Nonso saw the logic in this theory. He also hated the fact that he wasn’t rich enough to challenge the so-called world powers.

Of all these, the strangest thing was their end game. The world powers want to implant microchips into people. Nonso read that the microchips will come in the guise of a vaccine while in reality they are the tactics of the devil. The microchip implant was described as “the mark of the beast.

Nonso exclaimed, “God forbid, they will not get me!”

On March 31, it wasn’t just the end of the month for Nonso, it was also the end of modern technology.

©Jonathan Ukor 2020

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