Sit with Yourself

Sit with Yourself

High pitched sonorous voice
All through the weekend
A peep through the keyhole
No one was allowed into the other room
On days like this
Summoned my superpowers
To make out the scene in the other room
Ears to the door
A glass of red wine
Bubbles all over
Bath tube filled to brim with colourful flowers

“You don’t have to stand by the door”
She echoed from the other room
“Come sit by me”
Tiptoed in to avoid disrupting the peace in the other room
“Come sit by me, try not to ask too many questions”
Why do this? I asked before settling in
So many questions but I only get to ask one

“Baby, no matter what happens, you’ll always have yourself”
Learn to sit with yourself
Be comfortable in your skin
Do things that calm your nerves often
“But I can’t sing like you do”, I thought
Everything you need is inside of you
But you must learn to sit with yourself
Listen to your own voice

I brought out my journal and wrote her lyrics down.

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