Lets love first

Lets love first

The first time I saw you

my heart found abode in your hands

and I smiled like God was pulling

at the corner of my mouth.

Ever since, I feel your being in every sun beam

your face in the cloud in all the phases of the day

your eyes like diamonds, bright and enchanting

your voice like a symphony pulling the strings of my heart

You are like an ocean full of pearls and gems 

and mysteries I unravel every each dawn

And when it feels like I’m drowning or out of space

You are the box of oxygen feeding my sanity!

And if you ask me why I love you dear

I’ll ask the butterfly why it loves visiting the flowers

I’ll ask the sunset why it’s so golden and flawless

and the moon why it’s only visible at night

Honestly, I don’t know what an island is without the sea

nor what rain is without water

but what I know for sure is that I am lost 

without your love.

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