Dear Society

Dear Society

Welcome to the last month of the Year, I wish you get all your wishes.I wish this story touches you in the right spot and explore your world more than the society can ever imagine.

 “God, you are so skinny”. These were the words I had to hear all my teenage years. Now the problem was not the fact that I was skinny, the problem was I was just realizing being skinny was a problem ( see what happens I did there, lmao).

 Over the years these words have been like an anthem to which I have had to stand still to listen to. Growing up in a family where all the girls had enough flesh, you possibly can’t imagine what I really did go through. Times and times, I would endure all the teasing and even laugh at the jokes even when they were gradually pulling my self esteem down. Don’t even get me started on how I became a science student by mixing different foods together to get small flesh. Please for your sanity, don’t ever try mixing semovita and milk .

 At a point, I hated myself, blamed God, hated everyone who pointed out the obvious and made me feel bad about myself. I literally listened to every bizzare suggestion and I tried almost every one of them.

After years of hating and a less than average self esteem because honestly at that point when anyone said he likes me, one corner of my heart is always wondering if the guy could even see how I looked. I realized hating and trying out weird things still didn’t get me the flesh I wanted. I began to get to used to the fact that I didn’t create myself and people who had the supposed “enough flesh” didn’t do better than me. I accepted that I was skinny and it didn’t change who I was. I began to work on myself, develop skills, go for adventures. All my insecurities are slowly dying out and my new mantra is “I am skinny, deal with it and if you can’t, your loss”.

I don’t know what has stripped you of that self-esteem you deserve but I think accepting you are not perfect, adopting a mantra. You are a step ahead to freeing yourself from all hate and insecurities. Know it is a slow process but it definitely works.

With love from me to you ❤️❤️.

Wishing a wonderful Christmas and a very fruitful year.

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  1. Thank you Queen. You see that Semovita and milk ?? I almost tried it but God saved my ass because I don’t even like semovita to start with and them con say make I mix ? Mixologist ni. I no even try am! When it’s time to add ? I’d add by God’s grace. Thank you for this piece. ❤️

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