I am back!! I wrote this a while ago but I decided to share 

“Grandma didn’t have a female child, you were an answered prayer”, that was the story I was always told.

Imoitsehme I have my own if translated from the Edo language to English language. I had hated this name from childhood till my late teenage years because there was no single place I went to where this name was not mispronounced, misspelt or made fun of, the only place I could tolerate the name was when I was at home that was only because I had no choice.

Slowly, I began to warm up to this name not because the wrong use of the name stopped but because the name was shortened and I liked the sound. It was way cooler than the tongue twister which was the original version: Itsemhe(mine). One day, I sat down to review the significance of the name: I HAVE MY OWN and I discovered the name symbolizes pride and at that moment, I could see Grandma singing for joy at the news of my birth. She was apparently proud of what she had been given.

After this beautiful discovery, I felt ashamed of myself because not only did I hate the name, I tried to change it to feel cool and less weird because people didn’t understand that the world does not revolve around their culture alone. I began to appreciate the little things that I associated with myself and never felt proud of. You should also do that and remember that you are yours and nobody is taking that away. You should also know that Itsemhe translated to Yoruba language means Temi, I wish I knew the Igbo and Hausa translation. My name is Imoitsemhe, I am Edo not Afghanistan.

I am mine, are you?


Love from me to you ❤️❤️

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  1. I never liked my Muslim name because of the spelling and how it sounded. I shyed away from telling people until I got to know the meaning & omooo it’s so beautiful. Wearing and bearing my name with full pride cos it’s meaning is beautiful and reflects in my life. Rafiat- a person with high integrity 💃🏻

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