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Habeebullah Asudemade

Habeeb reads things of interest and of necessity so he can be less wrong. He believes in the supremacy of plantain and he is selectively


Our vision for Africa is for it to be a place where young people can be anything they wish to be by providing access to

Tell! Interviewers

Telling the amazing stories of exceptional young Africans who are breaking grounds in the fields of Science, Technology, Art, Entrepreneurship, Sports, Academics e.t.c

Pun Stars

We are not serious. For the sake of your sanity, don't take us seriously. Follow us on Tell! if you are a fan of

Teniola From Tell!

The Official Tell! Account of Tell! on Tell!. Too many Tell!'s in one sentence.


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Toheeb Ojuolape

I wish to be one of the voices in your head. One of the good ones. Cofounder & Product lead @ Tell!.

Olamide Adio Olanrewaju

Àdìó Olanrewaju is a multiple award winning creative writer. A theatre Arts student of the University of Ibadan. His works have appeared on Africanwriter, Afas

Haleem Olatunji

Haleem Olatunji is a multi award winning writer and journalist. You can reach him through his number @ 08182075816 (Phone calls or WhatsApp) or Connect

Aishat Babatunde

Muslimah. Burgeoning writer. Budding poet. Book maniac. Graphics enthusiast. Former Editor-in-chief @ Awo hall press organization.