On a moon night

On a moon night

On a moon night ants clutch to watch children rejoicing with the moon.

seldom, alate fill the air for nuptial flight, they fizzle because children have their way of hunting them for roasting. Rodents are engross on their yam feast, with cricket lifting their limbs against their body for jingles to wake the mood of the night.

Children are more active with the night spirit. Sorrow shapes a limbless man thought, as he flings for a walk. A moon night is beautiful with games or fable.

If you dare to know the bad side of the moon night ask a blind man, for rage of mortar and pestle of the moon for a dinner with the stars left dolor in his mind.

Moon night is meant for lovers, with cling lips composing melodies that melt father’s heart with aggressiveness, for he knows Ololufe are dangerous in silence…

Mother pang for untimely pregnant for she knows moppet are like the young antelope who danced herself lame when the main dance was yet to come.

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