The conversation

The conversation

Last night was for Asake chanting of love excitement that wakes the sleeping forest. After Six round of sex… What is my concern?

Nevertheless, uncle is back with Abike. Tonight I shall spy through the keyhole.

But it was not like yesterday, my eye greeted the vixen of the moment with the intensity of the sun. But the night was for conversation! for conversation!

“I am pregnant this is the test result, four month and two weeks”…Voice seized from close range.

My eye gazed uncle’s mind, though it was misty… this must be emblematic of joy I inferred.

Pandemonium broke out and silenced the smiling breeze, argument ravaged the air… uncle denied “It is for Danjuma

Not a muttered curse from the two sides. Ogun and Sango did not awake from their tranquil sleep nevertheless Esu was at work, their curse appalled my heart not once…Who is at home to settle the rage…rather the awaken forest was marching closer.

“I never promise to marry you” uncle glued my ears with his voice of wiles. Chapter closed.

Alas, a child will be born, head for uncle, dark-skinned as , others for Alien.

An unfortunate child will be born by a promiscuous mother to a licentious father only if not a descendant of sewage.

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