Who will ?

Who will ?


This ocean of sour milk from the breast of mother earth
is beyond what my pen could bleed
Every Ayo, Aisha and Danladi can’t but bawl
for here cometh
For here cometh the lake of sweat and tears

I looked through the window
You would not believe what I did not see
Through this pandemic war, I did not see a hero
And I looked more closely, I see it’s like whack-a-mole

An exponential sequence, that seem to have no limit
Infact, our angels have fallen
Redemption is taking forever
More like Jesus’ second coming

I heard the spirits’ voices. Vague and varied
Whispers like an Apocalypse’ : ”Valar Monghulis”
But Another hallowed: ”Earth’s got more centuries”
Who will clear off my mind of these debris ?

You realize things jingle over like a motto
Economy shrinks, sinking over oil and crptos
Economy shrinks, food prices sky rocketting
And you ponder if your ribs will soon be up for counting

Now, listen to the last message
To the folk whose mouth travels faster than his legs
Who’s hypothesized versions of conspiracy theories
And to the folk whose legs travel faster than his brains
Whose foolhardiness would make him contact the world’s greatest enemy

Tell them not to be like the fly
Who, does not heed to advice
And eventually follows the corpse into the ground

We are here mother earth
Thousand of question marks dangling on every’s foreheads
”Who will heal the world and cast away our fears ?”

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