“Anyone who says it isn’t harmful isn’t telling the truth.”

5G is the fifth generation mobile network. It is a new global wireless standard after 1G, 2G, 3G, and 4G networks. 5G enables a new kind of network that is designed to connect virtually everyone and everything together including machines, objects, and devices. 5G wireless technology is meant to deliver higher multi-Gbps peak data speeds, ultra low latency, more reliability, massive network capacity, increased availability, and a more uniform user experience to more users. Higher performance and improved efficiency empower new user experiences and connects new industries.

The trending conspiracy of 5G being the cause of Covid-19 or weakening the body immune system resulted in the mass destruction of 5G towers around the world. Suspected to have started around March by an alleged Barrie Trower, who claimed 5G is to blame for the rapid spread of COVID-19. He believes it degrades the immune system and that the health dangers is being covered up by influential and powerful capitalist in the telecommunication industry

Since the inception of 5G, there has been public concern about the potential health risks associated with the use of technology due to the high radio-frequency electromagnetic fields which are used to transmit information. Electromagnetic fields have been around in different forms since the birth of the universe. They differ from each other by frequency and visible light is its most familiar form.​

Several researches have been conducted over the last two or three decades, and there is no indication of an increased health risk when exposed to electromagnetic fields below the levels specified by international bodies. Both World Health Organization and the American Cancer Society also affirmed that no health problems have been linked to exposure, but more studies are needed.

Covid-19 and 5g have nothing in common but their relationship was just a coincidence and scientists confirm that COVID-19 is transmitted via respiratory droplets while 5g travels through electromagnetic wave

Ken Colburn, The owner of the Data Doctors chain specializing in servicing computers and other IT issues commented that: “China was deploying all these 5G towers just about the time coronavirus started to spread. That’s correlation, not causation,” said Colburn.

The world has recorded over 64 million covid-19 cases and death toll of around 1.45 million, countries that top the list are United States, India, Brazil, Russia, France, Spain, United Kingdom, Italy, Argentina, Colombia and Mexico to mention but few, meanwhile, only USA, UK and France are the only ones that have consented to the usage of 5G networks and the deployment

Among the finding is that 5G is in a band of low-frequency waves, like WiFi, that are “non-ionising”. The overwhelming weight of scientific evidence has shown that non-ionising radiation does not cause internal damage to our cells.

A research conducted by Dr. Grimes concluded that:

“People are understandably concerned over whether they might elevate their risk of cancer, but it’s crucial to note that radio waves are far less energetic than even the visible light we experience every day,” says Dr Grimes.

“There is no reputable evidence,” he says “that mobile phones or wireless networks have caused us health problems.”

However, it will be important to balance the risk and reward, he notes. “Wireless technologies bring enormous benefits, and being over-cautious would potentially deny these benefits to needy communities.”

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