Covid-19 And Lifestyle & Relationship

 Covid-19 And Lifestyle & Relationship


Though the curtains are closing on a year that has left very little to be desired to many, a lot has changed in this yearly span. At the heart of these changes is the Covid-19 Pandemic impacting our lives mostly negatively and partly positively also, speaking from my own perspective of things hoping it mirrors a large scope of everybody’s perspective, this article seeks to give an insight on how these aforementioned changes have been influential to the lifestyle and relationship aspect of our lives. Starting on a positive point is the improved camaraderie in family relations and personal relationships as well, this widely attributed to a huge part of this year being spent inside our homes other than away from home in efforts to help combat the spread of the virus. This has massively bolstered the rudiments of good relationships mostly communication in these relationships helping sustain these relationships and even in other cases salvaging some of these relationships that were sinking into the abyss. Stealing the thunder away is the unfortunate loss of loved ones to the pandemic and the vast number of reported cases of gender violence globally taking a toll on the growth and development of these relationships, so not everything has been rosy down the relationship road if not for all then some. Significant changes can be noted in respect to people’s lifestyle, a chunk of government policies employed as efforts to combat the spread of the virus has had predominantly altered people lives in one way or the other such policies include imposed curfews and lockdowns, restriction of movements, ban on public gatherings, closing schools, worship places, restaurant, bars, and other recreation places, wearing of face masks etcetera. Most of the changes attributed to these policies has been devastating, the toll on the economy being the most notable of all given how integral income is to the day to day lives of people, and the above – mentioned policies have done little if anything to improve people’s level of income instead they have lowered income level as a lot of people have had to make go without their jobs and those lucky to hold on to their jobs have seen significant hours of their working times reduced heck some firms and organizations have been forced to closed down. The Closing of education institutions has led to a steady rise in early pregnancies shuttering the hopes of a brighter future embedded in the promise of education to many young girls. Movement restrictions, and banning of social gatherings have done a lot to keep people away from one another, the light and hope people discover in places of worship and recreation places have dimmed and the list could go on and on but as we pursue a life in this tough times let us hold it in us that it all gets worse for the better and hope for the very best. 


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