Ascendente vita

Ascendente vita

The beautiful pieces

Sings in her heart all day

She’d love to listen to it again
As she is left with questions and prayers

For her fore father’s tells
All the stories of her ancestors
Then, she picked up her thoughts
Dwelling deeper and moved on

She believe in herself
That tomorrow is gonna be good
And wears the rest under her clothes
For they are water that gives life

It’s time that was fore told
Times to jump back to the Spirit
Time to chant them out
Time to follow the ancient

Wow… It’s a full house
As they lay their signals
And she follows their foot print
She never lost hope

For they were here before history
They were here when strangers
Where families, and they will still
be here when flowers folds up their beauty.

They see what they need to see
And we can’t walk them out of their story
For they are coming back
They belongs to us.

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