Covid-19: the Reckoning

Covid-19: the Reckoning

The Corona virus pandemic (Covid-19) is that sharp turn in life we never expected, bringing with it an abrupt pause to plans for 2020. It placed a complete halt to day-to-day activities, social events, businesses and religious gatherings. Even our learning institutions were not spared, who would have thought that schools in Nigeria would be shut for months, for something other than ASUU Strike. Life stopped being what we all knew it to be and our new reality emerged with zoom meetings, tik tok videos, virtual events; all these while mourning lost businesses, lost opportunities and the loved ones we lost to Covid-19.

For me, I ended 2019 and started this year with the hope of leaving home for National Youth Service Corps in a new city, while spreading my wings in broadcasting through the aid of the existing Orientation Broadcasting Service amongst other things. But here I am 11 months later, learning hair styling and still at home. I consider it a blessing in disguise because it gave me the opportunity to work outside my plans and comfort zone.

For many of us, the Covid-19 lock-down allowed us improve our relationships with significant others. Parents had more time with their kids, spouses had more time for their partners. Relationships that were on the verge of collapsing due to negligence was given a fighting chance and those in already sinking ships had the time to escape to safe and solid land. At the start of the lock-down, I was scared of venturing out and so I spent weeks being isolated with my family and it was fun considering that I had spent the last 4 years away in school, I was grateful for the chance to build a closer and stronger tie with my folks before I proceed to chase my dreams.

The period of not working placed a strain on the budget of thousands, it made feeding well and paying bills almost impossible. Churches, Associations, prominent and non prominent individuals donated to those in their communities. Even the Government made a show about donating to their citizens, although we all saw what happened to the palliatives during the riot after the #endsars protest.

Covid-19 gave us a rare chance to reflect and restructure our lives and values; a reprieve from our fast paced lifestyle, and an opportunity to sit back, think and decide on what is truly best for us and those around us. Someone in Wuhan, China was infected with Covid-19 in November 2019 and a year later, half of the world is working from home. Covid-19 revealed the interconnectedness of the universe and reminds us that life is not all about what we want and feel, it is about all of humanity. My hope is that going forward, we do not lose the progress we have made in terms of our lifestyles and we are all able to look back at this time and consciously make decisions that positively impacts our world.

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