It will creep up on you without your notice, It will come silently and leave you questioning yourself.

Like a thief in the night, things will be unveiled
Leaving you gobsmacked
And questioning the norm.
“Is this it?
Would all my daily activities mean nothing?
All my anticipation and restlessness
Would it all amount to this?”
Would you let it all go down without a fight?
Watch it all crumble and remain mute?
Your silence would only show defeat,
Defeat that can be averted.
Don’t let it go without a fight
You won’t be at the winning end
But your bravery would speak for you.

Behold, you would look to the sky screaming for help
You will be met instead with never imagined beings presenting unto you your reward.

This would be the end
The world and everything within would be left desolate
You and I, not one of us left.

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