“Babe!! You won’t believe who I saw today” I sang into the phone as Lola, my best friend answered.

“Who is it this time? You are always seeing someone. The last time it was Sheila, your high school enemy. Now, who did we see today?” Lola asked. This girl can be silly when she decides to

“That one is your own o. Remember I told you I had some transactions to sort out in the bank today. Ahh, the queue and waiting were too long. At a point, I was ready to bone the whole thing and come home but, I just thought of the stress of going back and…”

“Madam, leave story and tell me who you saw na” Lola interrupted me

“You this girl! You are just rude. Anyways, I saw Anthony, that my ex I told you about that I never got over. You need to see this guy now. I know there was a reason why I was so hung up on him. He looks way hotter now!! And, we are going out later today. Girl!! I can’t wait. I just have a good feeling about this. He will be coming to pick me sef”

“Na you biko o. My hands are up for you o” Lola laughed “sha be careful. Okay?”

“Whatever! I’m going to get ready. Talk later” I hung up the phone.

I was so pumped for the date. I so couldn’t wait. Gosh!! As I was getting ready, there was an incessant knocking on my door. This person was not stopping.

“Aunty Alero!” More knocking “Aunty Alero, mummy needs you in the kitchen” more knocking. With a jolt, I opened my eye wanting to see Anthony but it was all a dream.

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