Little Beginnings

Little Beginnings


July 10, 2006

“Beginnings are never easy
Just as a little child crawls, walks, and stumble before walking perfectly is the same way our beginnings are.
When I start my journey and fail
Should I try again?
Or should I turn my back never to rise?”

These were the thoughts going through Ada’s head as she held her sixth rejection letter in just three days!
She had submitted her book to six different publishing houses but all came back rejected.

She was at her ends wit and ready to give up. She couldn’t go on living this way. How would she go another day without a means of survival?

July 10, 2008

“The best of both worlds”
“Speak up but speak right”
“The irony of life”

The three top best sellers in the world. Who could the author be? (I guess we both know)
Finally, Ada had her dreams before her eyes. After two years of numerous rejection letters, she finally had a lot of books to her name.

All her rejections were building her up to this big day!

Beginnings are never easy but they are the driving force to a great end.
Don’t be sad when you fall, like a child learning to walk, always stand, and take the next step.

Cheers to Little Beginnings!

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