Africa! When will you not cry anymore



Mother Africa still grief, 300 years have passed,
our forefathers who stepped the soils
of port of no return
are yet to be home to tell us how beautiful
the streets of England look

none have we heard of Portugal, Belgium
nor France.

Mother Africa griefs, her sons
and daughter
can’t hold their bodies as whole anymore,
the democracy exported to our land
by white colonial masters kills our brothers,
mobs our future

and still has a big gut to laugh at us.

Mother Africa griefs, Africans now detest
their brothers and sisters,
our neighbors are Boko Haram, ISWAP, AL-SHABAB,
they kill thousands of innocent Africans,

our uncles are politicians, they’ve embezzled our futures
with the public funds meant for road,
electricity, health and

© Àdèlé Kolade

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