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Bolanle is a reason my cup is always filled with joy,
her black skin glows, her hair so tough
like the spirit of men who gave birth
to Africa.

Amarachi is a name, my tongue
blesses my heart with peace at the call
of this African beauty,

tell her I crave her love in my heart,
I crave her warmth on a cold night,
I crave her body on days I wish
to be man enough.

Sanu Nana Hawau,
you are a vine, every day
I pray that the sun up North
never stop finding you precious;
your oblong face, your pointed nose,
and those innocent eyes reflecting
the beauty of your heart.

Any time,
call a Black woman beautiful,
call an African woman a queen.

© Àdèlé Kolade

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  1. Wow!! this is so unique and extra,it tells a lot about black women and it comes not only from one part but a combo

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