He smashed my heart!


Her body trembled! The room was tormentous! The phone calls rang to her hearing for long, but her hand could not even move let alone picking up the calls. She wallowed in pain and pensive mood. After a long period of friendship and a supposedly unsaid relationship with Jane. She thought it was all over when she received the mail. A message expected to feature options like congratulated! or a reminder to brace up for good. She took up her phone and Burst out.


“You know we have always been friends since we evolved. Being with you for the rest of my mind has been the dream I aspire for. But, a new love came to disrupt the flow and you know what? My family journey will begin next week. After all, we are just friends. Take care!


It was shocking for Janette. “How could such happen in my life time”, she said. She was alone in her room, everything seems blurry though the day was bright. “I have always heard of breakfast mehn… Could this be synonymous to it. She left her phone unanswered, her social media was on a halt, her activities went on recess. She needed time to heal from the wound.


The story seemed unreal so she summoned courage to place a call through to Jane. “Hello! I am still surprised that you call me. The message you received was not a prank nor a test; it is real. I am finally done with you.” She could not speak. The response gave her a reassurance that it was finally over, over and out. She had a flashback to golden moments. Varying from restaurants to enjoy delicacies, to cinemas playing mind blowing games, to the moment of First birthday greetings and light parties with wonderful gifts. To another moment of complements… She cried her eyes out; no one to give her a balm.


Who should comfort her when she yielded no to her calls? She confided in no one and accepted her faith. Her resolution was that if Jane could do this definitely anyone can. She finally got rid of her pains after months of deep thoughts and the need to rise. She gave herself a new name, a new description and sealed her heart. Janette was initially nervous to walk behind a guy let alone greeting. She concluded every man is the same that no matter how much you cordially and truly stay with him, he will bring you down.



Was Janette right?

What do you think she ought to do that she did not do?


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