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If it wasn’t Lálùdé

Who else would it have been? 

The sole lover of Àwèlé

A love Àyánwálé wouldn’t stop drumming of.


Listen carefully to the rhythm 

Control your feet

This is not one to dance to

Hear the cries from his talking drum

There’s pain written with every stroke of his stick. 


Àwèlé wouldn’t have found joy if not for Lálùdé

Àwèlé would still have been in joy if not for him

For who else would she have called when the Baale’s son ate her fruit forcefully? 


Alas! Her lion came

Pouncing and swearing and cursing and pacing

He’s been robbed of the prize he aimed

But he wouldn’t let the victory slide.


He could have gone to the Baale’s house

He could even lay an ambush along the forest path

Lálùdé could have exposed the evil at the village square 

But he saw opportunity in her grief

He ate of what remained of the Baale’s son bite.


Now tell me how she’ll ever trust a man? 

Maybe in the next life but not this one. 

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