Covid-19’s impact on the movie industry

Covid-19's impact on the movie industry

Covid-19’s Impact on The Movie Industry.


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The whole world was a temporary lockdown that was only ut an supposed to last a few weeks or so we thought. But as time went on, the lockdown kept on getting extended and pushed back more and more, week after week month after month, until the whole world eventually ended up spending more than five months at hame With the whole world in a state of panic and unrest, a bunch of


safety measures were put into place ta further prevent the spread of the virus. Things like; social distancing, which meant that we all had to stay at least six feet apart to prevent us from coming in contact with each other’s fluids. Sell quarantine, which meant that we had to salate ourselves for at least fourteen days if we noticed any symptoms of the virus. There are obviously more but thase are the only twa that are teally relevant to this write up right now. All these safety precautions began to affect the movie industry in a bad way. Well, at first it was all good because all the movies that were already in theaters were immediately released as video an derrand, or they had early Bu ray releases. This meant that we could now watch all the movies that were in theaters from our


hames Movies like the invisible man and the hunt were all released on VOD (video on demand). Sa, for the first few weeks of the lock down, the number of movies that were available to watch were extess. But as all good things do, this one quickly came ta an end too.


As the situation of the world got worse and warse and there


seered to be no end in sight. Movie studios began to postpone the release dates of their movies. Some even going as far as completely moving their release dates to next year. There were almost no theatrically released movies this year, and the ones that were bold enough to release in theaters completely bombed because people were still too scared to leave their homesta actually go watch the movies


The worst part is that thanks to the virus, this has been the first year sinon the last decade, to go without a single Marvel Cinematic Universe movie being released.



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