Being a Novel

Being a Novel


Hi there, this is Writaholic spilling one of her many thoughts and today is about Fake vs Real.

   I read a lot of novels, way lot than I’m supposed to and I feel that I have gotten to a point where ‘ my life is literally a novel’. By this, I mean that everything that happens to me or i do is pictured in my head in form of a novel and I can’t help but think about it this way.

    I read in novels about something going in a particular way, and it’s like if that same thing happens to me, it turns out to be in a different direction. Don’t get me wrong, I am not expecting my life to be like that of a book or something, it’s just sweet to know that what you’ve seen somewhere is actually playing out( do you get). Most times, I feel it is so impossible to ‘stop thinking like a novel’, other times I tell myself to learn to live and adapt with it.



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