How are You?

How are You?

The past weeks before this has just been filled with a rollercoaster of emotions for different people and basically, the goal was just to ask for what we seek for and be alive. The turnout of the events led to mixed reactions from people in a bad way as people are still trying their possible best to recuperate from the happenings.
I also was affected by this as it was impossible to think of anything else asides from the events that took place, trying to put my social media savviness into play and so. Above these things, I have been relieved since most people have decided to become politically aware, implement the right steps to ensure that such mistakes are not made next time, and also devastated due to the deaths.
This post is just to check up on you, know how you are feeling if you are overwhelmed, and also to let you know that everything would fall in place.
I have been feeling some way not only due to last week’s incidents but concerning questions that have been ruminating through my mind that I have kept in a compartment in my mind for a long time now.
It has been eating me up on the inside and it is still doing so.
I have tried different approaches to the matters that are troubling me by starting to listen to calm songs, reading, taking therapeutic naps, and above all, just trying to stay sane.
In this space, I have been able to create a group just to share my experience and also listen to other people. If you want to be part of this group TAP HERE
How have you been able to take care of your mental health during this period? I do want to know, starting from groups that you have been added to, songs you have been listening to, let me know.
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