I’m new here.

I’m new here.

Hi there! I choose to call myself a Writaholic because I have a gazillion thoughts running through my head and I always have to put them somewhere ( through writing of course), hence I decided to write on Tell! 

  Most times I really don’t know the genre that I belong to because it’s like everyone seems to have it planned out, for example someone can say, ohh I’m into fiction, or I’m a creative writer and it gets so weird when someone asks me and I’m like ‘oh I write too’ and I’m just hoping the conversation would end quickly. P.S If you feel like this too, we need to have a chit chat someday. 

At times, I have to pick a side and I just go with the general ‘I’m a freelance writer’ because this seems so easy especially when the conversation is getting so hot! Well asides this, I’m an all round burst of goodness and I definitely can’t wait to start spilling my many thoughts.




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