Nobody is reposting your work or masterpiece, DO THIS!

Nobody is reposting your work or masterpiece, DO THIS!


For you to have tapped on the link or opened this post, I know exactly how you feel! If I was to describe this feeling in different ways, I would be totally devastated or depressed, it is annoying!
Late nights that you have spent working on that big project, envisioned it to be so grand when you finally launch it, hoping that everyone would be in awe when you do but reverse is the case. The most painful part of this might even be that your partner, sibling(s), friends, colleagues might hype it for you even before you drop it but then the after effect is SAD.
It’s more like who sent you work when you know you would not keep up with the same energy?
Most people actually let this get to them so bad to the extent that they give up on whatever thing it is that led them to that point or just hope that when they ‘blow’, they will continue. It is not about blowing, if they can’t support you now, is it when you blow that they would be willing to support you? The trick is that some would support you when you blow, but it is either for clout or to get money from you.
At this stage you are torn between what to do when the answer for me is quite obvious;
Yes, I said what I said!
If everyone knew the exact second, time, day, month, year and place that they were going to make it, I don’t think most of the people starting out now would have done so.
It is much more easier to start close to that time than go through all the stress now without anyone paying attention to what you are doing. As we have it now, we do not know, so we have to keep on striving to make it and on top of this, you want to carry human stress on your head. HABA! Have Self- Pity sometimes!
Like in said in my previous post(if you have not read it, do so 👉🏾HERE), rather than worrying about stats, numbers, which family member is supporting you or not, channel this energy towards updating your IQ(you feel me), Investing in yourself, making the most of the memories here on earth and he happy because HUMANS LOVE HAPPY PEOPLE, the vibe and energy is pure bliss rather than being around someone who is constantly angry or depressed most of the time. With the former vibe, you tend to be a magnet attracting positive things, so shake it off and redirect your mind to something else abeg.
I have tools that can help you do so
Tool 1 👉🏾 Here
Tool 2 👉🏾 Here
Talk to me in the comment section, so I’ll know how you feel about this post and the tools I’ve shared or if you’re comfortable with talking to me one-on-one about how you feel, do so 👉🏾HERE
Remember, you can either take my advice or leave it, your choice!

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