Stop being shy of your Hustle

Stop being shy of your Hustle
You are not new to the fact that different things happen to people on a daily and also to the fact that we all have 24 hrs in a day, every human would die someday, so why are you ashamed to open your mouth and talk?
I see how people secretly hide their work or look for a more sophisticated way to explain what they do rather than just explaining in clear terms( don’t get me wrong, I am not talking about illegal jobs).
It is more like if you’re shy of what you do now, when would you ever have the balls to speak up?
I feel so bad for people whenever I am having a conversation with them and I ask “oh, how do you get those extra coins rolling in? ” and they respond with “I fry plantain sometimes, packaging and all of that but it’s not as if that is what I do on a regular regular ooo, I just do it to while away time but my the main-the main work is ……..”
If it’s plantain that you know how to fry, keep on frying, keep up with tips on how to package your plantain business, know the right strategies to implement and all – be confident with your full chest.
I know that this can be quite hard due to the fact other humans are busy achieving amazing things, touring the world, making big moves and all but do not forget that you are not everybody!
You might not be shining now but you will if you are Intentional, Honest and Hardworking in everything that you do- most importantly, if you apply the God factor to your life.
Sometimes, when people say these things, I always chip in one or two things to help, more like helping them get rid of this negative mentality, so if you also need help with this, tap 👉🏾 this
Well, my new saying now is, you can either take this in or leave it- your choice!

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