Unending Love

Unending Love


Have you wanted someone to be in your life so bad that you were willing to go the extra mile? By this, I mean do things you’ve never done before, go out of your way and ‘try to make this person notice you’ but then, the person is disinterested.

It’s not that you are ugly or you look some type of way, it is more like the person isn’t just interested in you or in what you have to offer.

This type of pain stings like a bee, so painful that i keep on repeating just one word to myself ‘Why’.

Maybe I let feelings and emotions get the best of me and I jumped straight in without thinking for a second if I was going to drown! or i was so excited and flushed with emotions that I couldn’t think straight and you know how the saying goes ‘Love is Blind’.

I would have strongly disagreed with this saying when I was still clinging to my solid ground but now, I guess the shoe fits and I can understand perfectly. I’m really trying my best to understand the situation I am in, a heartbreak or a mini-heartbreak or a call for help because I am in a state where asides from why, the other question I have is how to quench the unending love i have for someone?



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