Quarantine: Celebrities, Fans & Nostalgic Music

Quarantine: Celebrities, Fans & Nostalgic Music

Urrm, COVID-19? Hate it. But the quarantine it brought? Loved it. When the lockdown was announced, thrilled could not describe how I felt as an introvert.

So you mean I finally get to pause in this life? To finally consciously feel the things around me? And be let alone? Wow.

You mean the world could for once, stop being so consumed with beating the Lagos traffic at 4am only to get themselves stuck in the heated evening traffic again?

I couldn’t believe it. And I loved it.

I remember thinking about artists and concerts. Especially my beloved korean boyband BTS. Actually, celebrity musicians in general.

These are stars fueled by the piercing screams and squeals of sweaty, star-struck, disbelieving fans at awards shows, red carpets and concerts. They live for the endless adulation and over-pouring love from these fans all over the world.

I remember feeling this wicked pleasure of knowing that they can finally take a reality check (break) to recognize the irreplaceable and irreplicable presence of these seemingly crazy, yelping fans. Mind you, I’m not one. LOL.

You know I just get this feeling that sometimes, celebrities (including the ones I love) get fed up by fame, the blinding camera flashes, the deafening squeals and desperation of fans so much that they begin to take it for granted and forget that if all of this is taken away from them in a second, without a single warning, they are going to be smacked with a kind of emptiness they have never felt before in their entire life.

So I loved knowing that many celebrities were feeling sobering and humbling things for an extended period. And mind-boggingly realising that without those reverberating chants and passionate sing-alongs filling up concert halls, everything could feel so empty and meaningless. There would be no burning fire, magical connections, mesmerizing sea lights or adrenaline rush.

Fans deserve to be sorely and desperately missed too. They also deserve to be thought about and treated with a renewed sense of wonder, love, respect and admiration.

Now, back to where I was😁.

I was talking about how much I loved that I and the world finally got to hit pause. Why was I happy for the world too?

Mostly for a selfish reason.

I knew the world had to stop with its hustling and bustling so I could enjoy the quiet and the peace and be in my feelings without thinking about the deadlines and expectations that someone else had set for me.

One thing I found myself automatically doing during quarantine, was raiding YouTube. Not to watch my usual content, but to dig out old songs that filled and formed my teenage years. To go to who I was before the world became such a jumbling and jarring mess for me. To relieve where I had not a worry in the world but how to meet Justin Bieber and become a Demi Lovato.

Ah, I loved quarantine. And will always cherish it.

Still obviously hate COVID-19.

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