Okeke is a well known farmer in the forest zone of the Nigerian geographical zones in the 15th century. The forest zone is under four groups which are the Yoruba, Edo, Ibibio and Igbo. Okeke lived with his wife and only son in the Igbo part of the forest zone. The igbos are not the centralised type of culture. The forest grows partly because of the rains that fall from June to November. The selfishness of one of the leaders in the zone leads to the raid of the land during the June to November rain. The raid began with a blackout of the light. Okeke died trying to protect his wife and seven year old son. The American raiders took the little boy and his mother. Few months after the incident, Okeke’s son was sold to a Chinese man who came to America for a ceremony. Okeke’s son was taken to Chinese by his new master. The boy isn’t out of the shock after that incident, the master gave him the name “Sam dong”. All his doing since he got to Chinese was out of shock. After a year he became normal and can absolutely remember his past and how his parents died. He planned for a massive revenge. He was loved by his master who is a master in kung Fu (sifu). He began to speak Chinese and things went well. Two years later, he  became perfect in kung Fu. Sam dong became twenty years of age, he decided it’s high time he left Chinese to get his revenge on the leaders of the American raiders. He seeks permission from his master to leave and he declined. His master told him revenge won’t bring any dead back. After a few months, he gathered cash and left without his master’s permission. He left for America after making his findings on who the leaders of the raiders are. He began to make plans on how to eliminate the four leaders without being noticed. Sam dong got information that the leaders are having a private meeting in a hotel conference room. He got to the hotel and he exhibited the black out style. Everywhere was dark, the guards couldn’t see anything. He began to kill the guards. To his surprise, no one was in the conference room. He went back to his Lodge in agony and anger. Sam dong decided to return to chinese. While in the airport he saw his master. Sam dong made findings and got to know his master is one of the leaders of the American raiders. It became clear to sam dong the reason his first revenge plan didn’t work out. He got the information of the leaders hosting their next meeting in a Chinese hotel. He got there and used the  black out technique they used in killing his parents. The time the light came on, Sam dong already killed all the leaders but left his master. Few seconds later, the police came in and arrested Sam dong and his master. His master is sentenced to life imprisonment while Sam dong is sentenced to five years.

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