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“The terrible calamity!

What’s the terrible calamity!

…And what will make you comprehend what the terrible calamity is?”

It’s the day when graves spew forth their contents!

It’s the day you have no friends, no families!

… And surely man will be in a great turmoil.

On that day, mothers will leave their sons to save their own skin.

Fathers will abandon the daughters – on which they doted.

No blood links or acquaintances, each man for his own…

On that day, everything shall return to dust.

The sky scrapers we built and the gems we hoarded.

… And man hoards and hoards, – all for nought!

Except those who did Good and enjoined good, and those who HIS mercy is upon.

“Surely your Lord is most forgiving; most merciful”.

Only they shall live in the gardens thereafter…


Zakariblog 🌹

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