Actually a friend of mine that I really trust, we made a promise over something personal but along the line he couldn’t fulfill it based on lust and some issues. So along the line promise was broken and really pain me, but that teach me that you can’t relied on someone because everyone change when they meet new people, 

That is life.


I gave my girlfriend some money to buy land she said she will return it but she did not and I hate asking of money from someone, she promised not to cheat on me but she eventually did it.


Someone so closed to me promise to financing my life with money to be among business owner but due to personal reasons she can’t do it and I take no offense and I move on with my life.


Me and my father had promised of study in Malaysia 🇲🇾 in year of 2013 and he later broke the promise because he state reasons that I don’t take it as good one but what I believe is that what i lost is not mine.


My promise with death was broken because I over the death threat by bike accident happened to me in some years ago and I thank Almighty Allah that the death promise on me was broken.


Lesson to all is that any promise that not fulfil immediately will eventually broken and that is life and we can’t do anything to it than face it with reality.


© *zakariblog*🌹

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