Staying indoors is what’s compulsory to all mankind across the globe now due to the bio-terror attack happening in the whole world. Many of us have houses to stay in and be safe but, many homeless people are still on the run for their lives. The big question is how homeless people live now? “Are they actually safe in this pandemic?”

With my little research on the homeless it shows that many have no place to lay their heads, they are suffering a lot due to the pandemic.

Staying indoors has caused a lot of things, now for instance; most people indoors don’t have food to eat and they find it difficult to go out to get it because of lack of funds.

I believe staying indoors is something that needs to be lively and enjoyable, but the case in Nigeria is different because majority of us are suffering because of the lockdown. Staying indoors would keep us safe but, what about those with no shelter and food that it has turned into thieves? Also, it has made a lot of people depressed.

This so called staying indoors is having negative effects on the homeless, beggars and most widows that do not have helpers. Is there hope for the homeless people in this lockdown? Yes, there’s supposed to be hope for them from our government to help the needy but I think the process is taking too long. Despite the lockdown that’s compulsory on us, many have lost hope due to family issues nowadays.



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