In a nutshell what I will called stranger things is what happen to anybody without informing, it will just happen…


… In the whole world now the only stranger things we have been battle is coronavirus that just came to world and it strange to human beings nature….


Many things occurred in humans life that we can call it stranger things for example health Challenges can also categorize to strange things in our body…


If rich turn to wretched we human find it as stranger things and we will start battle until become normal.


Less privilege find it difficult to take what is happening to their life as stranger things because many see it as normal while other’s see it on other ways.


When our loves died we find it difficult to believe it’s stranger things that happen to us….


I find every human beings Steps as stranger things because anything can happen at any time so we need to prepare for stranger things..


We find this lockdown and curfew as strange things because it’s new things that happen to us without prepare for anything to tackle it just happened..


To deal with this pandemic stranger things we need to stay safe and stay healthy.


© *zakariblog*🌹

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