Interviewer: Hi, my name is Gimba Aduku Jr, on behalf of Tell! Africa, I’d like to welcome you on the show.
Interviewee: Thank you very much.

Gimba Aduku Jr: Before we delve into the questions, i’d like you to properly introduce yourself so that the audience could get acquitted.
Interviewee: My name is Oirrahz Mustapha, i am a 500L ABU Zaria law student, a photographer and also a human rights advocate with the Brethrens of the Safe Space, Abuja, Nigeria.

Gimba Aduku Jr: it’s nice to have you here Oirrahz.
Oirrahz Mustapha: Thank you, Good to be here.

GA: Now, moving to the questions, are you ready?
OM: Absolutely, Hit me (Does the Broda Shaggi stance).

*Both laughs*

GA: We’d be focusing on the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, but i know a lot has transpired over the past 11 months, how would you say the events have affected you and the society in general?.
OM: I’d say I thank God, I mean, it could have been worse right, from surviving the corona virus, the lockdown,  to the October protests and let’s not forget the ASUU strike which has kept my educational life grounded, It has been a long year, but i can’t really complain, i’ve still got life and I take that as a really big win.

GA: That really is a lot.
OM: Yeah.

GA: As i understand, you are a Covid-19 survivor, correct?.
OM: Yes.

GA: How was it going through such a very tough time?.
OM: It was very scary to be honest, to have been diagnosed with the virus when the severity and the death toll was on the rise? I was scared out of my mind. Also being taken into isolation was a really hard one for me, being alone is a whole different type of torture, but the thought that my family were always praying for me and that the doctors were absolutely relentless in the treatment gave me solace.

GA: Which they pulled off amazingly.
OM: Absolutely, every medical practitioner deserves a medal for their efforts in stitching the world up this year.

GA: You definitely have one hell of a story to tell your kids eh?.
OM: Yorp, I am definitely telling them my blood was used to find a cure for the virus (chuckles).

GA: Would you say the the spread of the virus has been properly managed in the country?.
OM: In a way, yes, but then again, this is Nigeria, the initial boom was as a result of our nonchalance as a people fused with the failure of the government to put up preventive measures in time before the widespread, so i won’t be surprised if things goes sideways along the line, but let’s keep the hopes up now shall we?.
GA: Yeah, let’s (chuckles).

GA: What would you have suggested given you were in a position of power to prevent the initial spread of the virus?.
OM: Easy, the virus did not originate from this country, so,  lockdown the country sooner, all of it, the borders, the movements, and ground flights in and out of the country at least till all the hotspots had been properly identified, i understand it may have an effect on the economy, but then again there actually has to be a country to have an economy, the virus requires contact to be transmitted, starve it of that and it dies.

GA: That seems easier said than done now doesn’t it?.
OM: Yeah well, i guess, but that would be my line of action.

GA: Right, well, we’re way past that now, what would you suggest be done right in this moment to win the fight against the pandemic.
OM: A second lockdown. That would really be a wise choice right now, a lot of countries are on that train getting ready to prevent a second wave, and i think we should follow suit, the numbers from NCDC are still being updated daily, though with the discharged more now but i can’t just shake off the feeling something may go wrong at some point.

GA: Well, that could work.
The covid_19 issue aside, what has been your greatest loss this year?
OM: Been quite a year, there’s been a couple of loss, but not being able to graduate and bag my LLB. is definitely a standout.

GA: What is your biggest win this year?
OM: Being alive, definitely being alive.

GA: What would be your mindset going into 2021?
OM: I’m not one to hype up years, but, 2021 is going to be my year.

GA: Before you go, what would be your message to everyone?
OM: The light is closer than you think, keep your head up.

GA: Well, i guess we’ve come to the end of this interview, it was an honour to have you here with me today.
Thank you very much for coming.
OM: The pleasure is all mine.

*Shakes hands*

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