In the end we are all destined to be hermits. With the emergence of the coronavirus, life has just laughed in our faces. The north pond hermit was believed to be a myth, for 27 years he had not spoken a word to anyone and each and every morning he watched the seasons pass from the foggy valley that he called home. I realized that as with every legend this one too has had its versions. I think with quarantine many people now relate to the north pond hermit because he radically rejected everything that is supposed to make us happy as is in the situation right now. Wash your hands, sanitize, stay home, keep distance; it has become the song of the day. I bet even the birds of the air are tired of listening to it. They try and change the tune by singing louder, no scrap that, they are loud because we have stopped polluting the environment with our day to day activities. Come to think of it, we are all passersby in this life, yet we live like there is no tomorrow. We are too self-centered to even know our neighbor’s first name. In times like this when we could all have been able to come together and get a solution to the problem, we could not because we cannot relate. Is this not another episode in the drama of life? COVID-19; the new nursery rhyme goes, children running away from each other because a friend has contracted COVID-19. Thinking 2021 will be a new year free of COVID-19. How wrong we are, how thoughtless we can be. When a neighbor catches the bug, we also think we cannot catch it. We isolate almost creating a concrete wall as they pass by so that we cannot come into contact with them. Incidents of people collapsing on the streets and in public service vehicles are the norm. It is not news anymore. Then how can we not be hermits of the future if isolation is the solution to this problem that we are facing? A little cough, a little sneeze, the word bless you has left the mind dictionary and has been replaced by, are you okay? You should see a doctor and the story goes on. Hands have become the most important part of the body right now. I did not know people would have the zeal of hand washing, it is almost as if you will catch it if you don’t wash your hands at all hand washing points. Can I say there has been a reduction in allergic infections, colds, cholera and typhoid? Corona has really had its upside in as much all we see is the negativity that it has come with. I take things one day at a time, because looking at the big picture is too daunting and overwhelming, which is what Corona has done to us such that we laugh at the slightest of jokes about it, not because we are happy about it but because we are scared of what it might do to us.

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