This son of ours 10

This son of ours 10

Chapter Ten

Atinuke didn’t bother going to her room. She made a beeline for the laundry room and hoped no one was washing that night. There, she dropped her bag and went on her knees as she petitioned God. Her heart was heavy. And she would have no peace until she’d handed Bankole up to God again. “Dear God, he’s searching. Please let him find You. Draw him to Yourself. Open his eyes to see…”

She lost count of how long she occupied that room but she didn’t leave until the burden was lifted off her heart and was light.

She rose to her feet, picked up her bag, trudged to her room and slumped on the bed, clothes and all.


“Come and get your test results. Paste it in the department’s notice board. You know where the key is.”

Atinuke had to make a detour to the office of the secretary of the HOD in response to the text she received that morning. She was surprised the results were in. She should be glad. At least her department made sure the students kept track of their progress rather than wait till exams when little improvements could be made.

She sent soft copies to the class group after pasting the hard copy on the board and went to class. Going through the scores, she was glad the general performance was above average.

She checked her own scores, her friends’, certain other classmates’ and finally with bated breath, Bankole’s. Her mouth dropped open. He got 72 percent average. She laughed. Wow. Amazing.


Bankole was on a cloud. He wasn’t going to fail after all.
He had been very tense when he heard the results were out. Atinuke’s smile and “you did good, Bankole” had put his fears to rest and he checked out his scores. And was surprised. He danced a jig mentally. Recovering to tease her, he accused her of snooping. Her eyes were filled with mirth. “I wouldn’t be your course-rep if I didn’t, would I?”

He squeezed her arm in gratitude. “Thank you.”

“Thank God,” she replied heartily. Reaching across the table, she gave him a piece of paper on which she had written a website and some Bible verses. “Seek, and you shall find. And if you still have any question, I’ll be happy to answer it.”

Tucking the paper in the back pocket of his trousers, he called his sister to share the good news of his result. She was truly happy for him and her pride for her brother shone through.


Bankole ran to the garden and found it empty. He was disappointed to not find Atinuke there, but it did nothing to dim his joy.
It was amazing. It took days of careful study, of overcoming his initial disbelief of what he discovered, attempts to hide behind questioning the credibility of the author, fighting to come to terms with the truth, and finally accepting it was his for the taking. It was worth every effort, both of his in his search, and God’s in His fight to find him. He was saved!

He had given his life to Christ and he just had to tell somebody. He could not contain his excitement. Now he knew without a doubt that his parents could have loved him and kept him, but it wouldn’t have been enough. But God loved him, and loved him enough to sacrifice His all for him, and all of the human race. It was enough, more than enough.

His eyes misted. He’d been just as restless as the businessman in the play, though his was masked by his feelings of betrayal and insufficiency. Atinuke was a godsend, and she came in the nick of time. He was grateful to God for her.

Her hostel wasn’t too far away. He had to share the news with her. And probably finally tell her what craw-craw meant. And there was one more thing he had to tell. He’d heard God say, “Welcome home, this son of ours”.



Author’s Note:

Glory! God definitely works in mysterious ways. We’ve come to the end of this series! Thanks for staying with me through it, the entire ten weeks. I hope you loved it. I did.

Salvation experiences are different from one person to the next, but at the very least, one thing is common: the overwhelming joy!

It’s been an amazing journey of ups and downs both with the characters and the author herself. All in all, God be praised, who weaves His purpose in the story of our lives – Jeremiah 29:11.

If you haven’t Jesus, how about you ask Him to come live in you? It’s that simple. Check out these websites for resources:



I’d love to hear from you in the comment section; your thoughts on the story, your salvation experience, questions, anything and everything!

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Thank you🤗!

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  1. A great read from start to finish! 😍 It’s been really nice reading through this series. I can’t believe it’s over already. Thank God for the beautiful message passed across. You’ve done a really great job, Priscilla👏. I look forward to more edifying series from you.

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