This son of ours 5

This son of ours 5

Chapter Five
He looked around in the fading dusk and tried to get his bearings. He was at the bus park. How he got there, he had no idea, neither could he recollect. He had felt like he was suffocating back at the house and his subconscious had probably prodded his escape. He’d managed to endure to the first day his family tree exposition but it was all he could handle.

After keeping to his room to avoid his sister and brother-in-law− no, that wasn’t right. After trying to avoid Bodunde and Emeka all day since then, Bodunde had come to his room to plead with him to eat. He’d barely registered her entrance and exit. She came back with a plate of food and placed it on the table. He thought he heard her sniffling, but he couldn’t be sure because his mind was so foggy.

That he’d slept on an empty stomach was an indication of the depth of his heaviness of heart. He didn’t exactly sleep, for he’d tossed and turned through the night. Then he’d awoken after he finally drifted off, to hunger, followed by anger and overwhelming sadness. He just had to leave, to escape. He’d picked up his previously half-packed travelling bag and went out the door.

And now, he was in the bus park sitting on a bench, staring into space. His phone beeped. It was a bank alert from his brother-in − . He halted the thought angrily. Why did Bodunde have to tell him his history? He was probably better off not knowing. The truth only made him furious, not free. What did she expect him to do now that he knew? Dance for joy?

He stood up and went to board the bus that just drove into the park. And then he remembered he had no money on him. Oh. Was why Emeka had sent him some? He was quite glad Emeka did. It would be a sorry case if he discovered his empty pockets when it was time to pay his fare.

He sighed and got off the bus to find an ATM. The conductor made his displeasure about Bankole’s indecision that early momo but Bankole’s thoughts were too scattered to present an appeasing reason.

Family wasn’t only by blood, right? Bodunde and her mom had taken him in like he was theirs. He wouldn’t have known it was otherwise if he hadn’t been told. It was only with her father that he’d never felt welcome. Nothing he ever did satisfied the man. He’d tried hard and then harder to win his favour, which he never got. Now that he thought about it, Bodunde’s mum had always been his intervention from certain beatings he’d received in the name of discipline. He’d thought Bodunde’s rod-therapy wasn’t as fierce as his because he was a male and more stubborn.

He shook his head. It wasn’t good to dwell on those terrible experiences made clearer by informed hindsight. They were depressing. There was no one at the ATM and he quickly withdrew some cash. Bodunde’s mother was his mother too in every respect. It didn’t change anything that he wasn’t from her womb. She’d laboured over him like a true mother.

He covered the distance to the bus park and boarded the bus again, it was yet to be full. He and Bodunde only had each other and he couldn’t ask for a better sister. He reclined on the bus seat and tried to assure himself that nothing had changed though a sigh still managed to escape his lips.

He closed his eyes as the bus commenced the journey. He would think better when he’d rested properly and found something to eat. His newly arrived-at conclusion will take some time to get used to. But it didn’t change the fact that he still needed to escape. For now, at the very least.




Author’s note:

Hi guys. Thank you for reading through. We’re drawing closer to the end and I can’t wait.

Coming to terms with the truth is quite a struggle for Bankole. What do you suggest would make it easier for him? What should he do? Will escape help?

Kindly comment like and share. Happy weekend.

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