This son of ours 9

This son of ours 9

Chapter Nine

Bankole looked at the young accomplished businessman who practically oozed affluence. He was very wealthy. In fact, he beat Bankole’s vague dreams of how Bankole himself hoped to look in the next few years.

Bankole wondered if the drama unit had major sponsors because he was sure the businessman’s clothes cost a pretty penny, not to talk of the backdrop of the stage. But something was wrong. The man seemed…restless. Yes, that was it. Even though the man had it all, he suffered from apparent dissatisfaction, he had no peace.

It was one thing Bankole could not really fathom. What could possibly be wrong when one’s pockets were heavy? Bankole tried to imagine what he would do when he attained such status. Probably get himself a family. Open or support a charity organization, build and expand more chains of businesses. He could sponsor Chukwuka’s entire education. A smile tugged his lips.

His relationship with his sister wasn’t quite back to what it used to be but there was progress. He even got to hear Chukwuka babble over the phone once, and Bodunde faithfully sent pictures. And he thanked them for saving his sorry behind that day with the money they sent, and the consistent supply since then.

Going back on track, a trust fund would be better for Chukwuka, and her other siblings – when they arrive. Another for orphans. Family vacations in Hawaii, a mansion on a high-rise street. Who knows? The street might even be named after him and…

“Praise the Lord.”

Bankole jumped. He’d totally gotten carried away and sadly, missed the rest of the drama. They were soon standing up to pray. He shut his eyes along with everyone but didn’t bother praying. He didn’t dispute whether there was a God or not, but he didn’t think that God ever heard or cared enough to. It was either that or if God indeed heard, he wasn’t qualified to be among those He chose to listen to. He was on a dey-your-dey-make-I-dey-my-dey basis with the “Old guy” above.

The prayer changed to an invitation to give one’s life to Christ. He almost scoffed. Why would anyone want to do that? He couldn’t help but wonder why one would readily give up ownership of his own life and be dictated to how to live it. No. Not cool.

After the closing, Atinuke walked with him and asked, “What did you think of the play?”

He wasn’t going to admit he missed the conclusion so he replied with a question of his own instead. “The man had all anyone could ask for. Why was he still so restless? What was he still looking for?”

“The businessman?”

“The very one.”

She sighed. “Sad, isn’t it? But that’s the way it is with all of us. No matter how achieved we may be, we’re hollow, empty and incomplete, outside of God. Hence, the man’s dissatisfaction.” She shrugged. “He lacked God.”

He raised an eyebrow, “God?”

She actually smiled. “Yes, God.”

“What has God got to do with anything?”

“Everything, Mr Bankole.

“God made us all, and loves us so much. We were to fellowship with Him. That’s the blueprint. Nothing outside of it, either noble or ignoble will satisfy or fill the vacuum in us.

“The business man had it all, but really, in all the ways that mattered, he had nothing, because God was not in the equation.”

He couldn’t wrap his mind around the familiarity with God that Atinuke’s explanation implied. “You make it sound like God is near or approachable.”

She didn’t even hesitate. “He is, quite alright. When we accept His love, He even lives inside us. He is really interested in each one of us as unique individuals because He knows us and loves us. We can love Him too. He gave His Son to make it possible, because it isn’t otherwise.”

Atinuke looked at him then and saw that Bankole had a hard time believing what she’d said. “Humour me, Mr Bankole. I’ll give you some resources tomorrow and you can make a research to find out for yourself.”

Bankole didn’t see what it could hurt, so he agreed. They were at the gate of her hostel already. “Alright. Tomorrow. Goodnight.”

“Goodnight. Thanks for coming with me.” She went in.

He took the path that led to his room and couldn’t help but wonder the truth of Atinuke’s statements – theories. He would find out for himself. Tomorrow.



Author’s note:

We’re getting closer to the moment of truth! Thanks for coming along on this journey.

So, where do you see yourself in the next few years? What’s your relationship with God? I’ll love to hear from you.

Happy weekend. See you next week. Kindly comment, like and share.


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