Today is…

Today is...

It was Monday again, Betty’s most hated day of the week, and she definitely wasn’t looking forward to it. She never could understand how the weekend always seemed to evaporate while Mondays – and apparently other days of the week – tended to stretch endlessly.
She pulled up her white socks – which would inevitably be brown at the end of the day – and buckled her sandals. She smoothed down her school uniform and hurried up her brother who took more time dressing up than a female.
Her thoughts wandered and she couldn’t help but think. Maybe, just maybe, she hoped, something would happen and school would be cancelled. She smiled ruefully at the thought. Wouldn’t that be wonderful? She came to earth and realized the cause of her delay.
‘Bolaji, hurry up o or else I’ll leave you’.
Bolaji laughed at his sister’s supposed threat that he knew fully well she could not pull off. ‘I’m coming. Let me take my assignment’.
‘Mummy bye bye, daddy bye bye’, Betty called, waving her parents goodbye, didn’t wait for a response and slammed the door for good effect. Maybe the little oaf would realize she wasn’t joking this time.
‘Wait for me, Sister Betty’, Bolaji shouted as he got closer to her, panting as he ran. Bolaji was quite suspicious she must have increased her pace for his sister was never a fast walker and here he was trying to catch up with her. She was almost at the end of the street! And she had never carried out her threat of leaving him behind before. Besides, the school bus was always late in arriving to pick them up.
‘Did you even comb your hair?’, Betty asked her brother as he caught up with her and she got a good look at him. So much for his taking an enormous amount of time getting ready. She sighed at the terrible sight he made.
He looked sheepish but quickly recovered and told his sister with a smug smile, ‘I came prepared, sis. My comb is in my bag’. He pulled his bag off his back and reached into it to withdraw his comb. A look of horror crossed his face on the perusal of his bag’s content and halted his search. Oh no, oh no, he thought. This wasn’t good. His sister was going to eat him up.
‘What’s taking you so lo…?’, she began impatiently. The boy was going to ruin her self image by association if he wasn’t dressed up in time before their ride. But her question was cut short on seeing his shock and replaced with a testy ‘what’s wrong?’. He held up a manga at her and she had a certain premonition she wasn’t going to like what he was going to say. The day wasn’t going well at all.
Bolaji stuttered as he tried to explain that instead of the assignment he went to pick up from his room, he had mistakenly grabbed a manga in his haste on hearing the door slam. Worse still, he had to return home to retrieve the assignment. Mr Ogunsakin, his teacher, wasn’t quite forgiving when he wielded the rod.
Betty felt like crying. They had to return home together because their parents would have left the house and they kept the keys with a neighbor alongside strict instructions not to release the keys to Bolaji. He had pulled some stunts when the house was left to him and their parents decided to keep him out if unsupervised. ‘What’s your problem, BJ? Is it so difficult for you to be responsible?’, she lashed out in anger. ‘Let’s go. I’ll use your lunch money to get to school if I miss the bus. You can starve for all I care’. She turned back down the street to go home.
Bolaji couldn’t say a word in defence as he strutted after her. He really didn’t mean to forget his assignment and his sister was so upset.
In the space of twenty minutes, they were gone and back and the light drizzle which began to fall was increasing tempo. They both sighted the school bus zooming away from the bus stop and they ran, waving their hands and screaming, anything to catch the driver’s attention as they went. Never mind that the rain probably drowned out their voices. Bettie acknowledged the futility of the situation and stopped abruptly in her tracks, and made to turn to pour her wrath on her brother who was close at her heels.
But he was still in motion and had no time to slow down before he collided with her.
‘Yeeeehhhh…!’, Betty screamed as the impact made her slip on the wet ground and both of them went down with a thud. Bolaji’s fall was cushioned by his sister and he was quite unharmed. Betty was not so lucky as she landed on her back. The pain was terrible as she tried to push her brother off to sit up.
She woke up suddenly. It was a dream.
And a Monday morning.

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  1. Their futile attempt to catch the bus reminds me of my high school days😅. Nice work, dear 🤗

  2. Prisca is our emerging suspense queen! It’s a beautiful story. I thought Betty would discover that school had been cancelled due to the Covid19 pandemic. Lol

    Looking forward to more from you.

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