What about what I want?

What about what I want?

I wobbled over to the settee in the living room and sat at its foot. It was not an easy journey so I had to take a rest. This house was way too large for my liking. My brother sat in the opposite settee and he looked at me then. My gums were empty but I gave him a toothless grin nevertheless. He smiled at me and continued talking to something he held to his ear. Why did everyone do that? It made them look silly. Didn’t their arms hurt? I returned my gaze to him but he had looked away. I tried to get his attention but he ignored me. That did it! I didn’t like being ignored and I thought it rude. So I summoned all my energy and made a sound that rang out. It was my only defence and emergency toll line, besides, a guy’s got to do what a guy’s got to do. He still paid me no mind so I made sure I sustained it until Mrs Adeniyi, donned in something she draped over her neck as she always did when she was in that particular room, poked out and looked from me to him. Then she said something fiercely to him. And he replied. And the discourse continued. I didn’t understand the language so I watched as they bickered and he ended with “No,……… Mom!”. Even with my limited vocabulary, those were two of the few words I understood. Then he turned back the same way I came but his foot were making much louder noises than it usually did. My plan had backfired. I didn’t like that at all. She released a sound that indicated she was tired but she came and attended to me then. It wasn’t the same but it was better than none. Just then, my sister walked in. She must have met my brother because she rolled her eyes. Good girl! I tried imitating the action too but my muscles were beyond my control. It must have been funny because she laughed at my flimsy attempt. Mrs Adeniyi joined her too. Females! Always laughing! I engaged them in a discussion but it was one-sided because they didn’t understand my language just as I didn’t theirs. But it was a discussion nonetheless and I enjoyed it. Anything was better than being left alone.
That statement held true until that evening when I remembered something worse! Everyone had ignored me after we had all eaten, again. It must have been an argument as to who would wash the used plates because hands were directed towards the plates on the table. I tried to contribute and lend some wisdom but nobody was listening. I decided to try another tactic beside my SOS call and clapped my pudgy hands together. The movement drew Mrs Adeniyi’s attention and in no time all the others too. She smiled at me and I was proud of my achievement. And then she started coming towards me. Oh no, she was coming to kiss me! I knew that much because she always said ‘Come… David…me kiss you’ and with a laugh. That was way worse than being left alone. I didn’t like being kissed and everytime I tried to tell them, they never understood but went right ahead. It made me ticklish! I tried to run away but I couldn’t get far. I felt hands at my waist and I resigned to fate. My escape had been thwarted yet again.
What could I do? I was only ten months old and my mom was bent on kissing me.

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  1. Common Prisca you’re good jare…

    I remember in some of our classes then how we theorize used to theorize about what babies see, how they think and how easier things will be for everyone if they can talk.

    This story brought those discussions to bear. It’s a beautiful piece.


    1. At least you paid attention to what babies likely think 😅😅. This is really good, Priscilla.🙌

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