What’s so good about Good Friday?

What's so good about Good Friday?

This is part one of a 3-day series in celebration of Easter.

From Peter’s POV


Jesus was taken to the High Priest to be tried. And everyone knows that that trial was to fulfill all righteousness. The sentences have never been in favour of the accused, especially when he had stepped on their toes.


And step on their toes, Jesus did.

Healing the sick, calling the leaders out on their selfishness and corruption, oh, He most definitely ruined their toes.


I followed from afar as they took him in. I stayed near the fire so I could pretend to be warm while I try to see what is going on inside. I didn’t want anyone to see or identify me. Ultimately, I had to deny that I knew Jesus when some poke-nosers refused to let my identity as a disciple of Jesus rest. I’m so ashamed.


That was yesterday. If yesterday was sad, today was a nightmare. Those…those evil people finally sentenced Jesus to be crucified. He’d done nothing wrong. Why did he have to die?


And the people He spent his time and energy for? They were the first to demand Barnabas’ release instead of Christ’s. First it was Judas who betrayed. Now it was the city’s residents. What was the world turning into?


But something happened as Jesus hung on the cross in the afternoon. It was only moments after He said His last words, “It is finished”. The day suddenly went dark! And I found out this evening from the other disciples that around that same time, the temple curtains torn in two.


It was so scary. I keep wondering what those events mean, and what is finished. And why Jesus had to die.


Joseph of Arimathea came to carry His body to the tomb. And then it dawned on me that Jesus was actually, really, dead. I was subconsciously waiting for Him to jump down or something.


What was the point of following Him, if it all ended on the cross?

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