You or I 2

You or I 2

She blinked rapidly to clear her head as she came to, and wondered how she got to lie on the cold floor of that dark room as she took in her surroundings. What was she doing here in the…? Her thought died on that train as another bone-chilling one took its place. And with each passing second, its truth began to dawn on her, with alarm.

She must have been drugged. Who would do such a..? Oh no. Jane knew with heartrending assurance the one person who could do that. Judy. They were twins and both loathed each other’s existence, making life unbearable for each other, but this was downright cruel.

Jumping to her feet, she ran to the door. Maybe she could still make it to the ceremony if she hurried. But the door refused to budge. She pounded the door with mounting frustration. “Judy!”
She banged the door again and again. “Judy, open the door!” Of course there was no way Judy
would be nearby if Judy had locked the door.

The rivulets that ran down her face were swiped at angrily. How dare Judy! Judy had it all. The friends, the sociable personality that drew people in like bees to honey, the class, the…everything. All Jane had was her academic prowess, and Judy had to take that too.

With her fury gathering momentum, Jane looked frantically around her. It was bad enough that she was the social outcast, even her goody two shoes act didn’t exactly redeem that. She’d had no choice but to invest her all into her academics, with hopes that by graduating at the top of her class, she would be respected, liked, and finally be accepted. 

And Judy ruined it. Stealing Judy’s boyfriend and turning some of Judy’s friends against Judy wasn’t justification enough for Judy to remove her seat from under her. Even that, she’d had to work for. If this was her dear sister’s way of revenge, Judy had just unleashed hell.

This was the last thing Judy would ever take away from her. One of them had to leave for the other, and she wasn’t volunteering. As her eyes settled on the glass windows, grim satisfaction consoled her heart. It was one more pain to endure, the very last. She stepped back to the farthest corner of the room, ran forward, and rammed her body into the windows. The glass shattered to pieces.

She selected one very jagged piece and fisted it in her hands. She didn’t feel the glass tear into her skin, or the blood that ran down abrasions rewarded on her body by her impact with glass. It was the last pain she would ever feel with regards to her sibling. And Judy would suffer a final, though ultimate one too, whatever time she opened the door.

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