I’ll love you, even at the expense of me,

Surrendering all at the potter’s feet,

I’ll wrap all of me in a cloak of wisdom,

To seed upon the hearts of men, words of truth.

Breaking new grounds, scaling new heights,

And together we race unto victory.

It’s of us to be all we’re called to be,

And never be shut by any bleeding tongue,

Many are the hearts that lacks freedom,

Punching the truth by the face from their bonds.

If only they could be broken, and let the words burrow,

Change and growth will no doubt follow.

Deafening to the cock’s crow is over,

And to the call of the father, we yield.

Excuses all day long for failure, we surrender,

For Sufficient grace is available to thee.

Hold my hand, let us walk here in love,

As the father wishes and has called us sons,

Find a place inside your heart and fix me in,

I’m one, God’s chosen, and so are you.

We have a life to lead, and a lead for life;

The word of God, that will neither cease nor fail.

Knit your heart with mine, let’s make a change,

Now and always, until we win the race,

Breaking every bounds to disparity,

Upholding every grounds to unity,

Shearing every ties to frivolity,

Threading every path to purity,

And, loving each other till eternity.

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