He knows I love adventure,

And he promised

To take me round the world,

Just for my own pleasure.

I saw the very Great Wall of China,

Lined up like an army of soldier.

And, the great pyramid of Giza.

Triangular, just like a piece of pizza

The Empire state building

Was indeed very fascinating,

Likewise, the CN tower, glittering,

And, i just couldn’t stop fantasizing.

We saw the Taj mahal,

So beautiful like a pearl

And the Ely Cathedral,

They are indeed buildings of wonder.

We got to the colosseum in Rome.

And I wished it was a home

So we could just make it our own

And live there all alone.

He took me to old Jerusalem, and gallilee,

Where nobody has been in my family.

But the Golden gate bridge,

Was much more captivating.

Then, at the shore of the red sea,

Adeife held my hand and said to me,

Ododo, this is it for today

There, i smiled so deeply

What an adventure we had,

What a moment we shared,

 Joyfully, i dished out a clap.

But, i wished the adventure,wasn’t on a map.  

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