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At Tell!, we are building a digital platform that enable African creatives to seamlessly showcase, monetize and distribute their creative works and skills

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At Tell!, we are building digital, no-code tools that enable African creatives to seamlessly showcase, monetize and distribute their creative works and skills

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I opened my eyes, immediately shut them from the glare then, slowly eased them open. I was strangely lucid, like I hadn’t been in a...

The strong preys on the weak, The rich maltreats the poor, To the latter’s doom, they sometimes lure,With their wicked acts and tricks. Who can...

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‘The road to recovery is a long, tortuous and lonely one’ I watched with tears bristling down my face, holding back the screams that threatened...

Outside, the clouds rumbled. The air was cold and had a delicious earthy smell. “Tonight will be such a great night,” I said in a...

  She walks down the streetLips painted red, thighs jiggling Nails on fleek, tanned skinYou call her ashawo, ashawo Anklets wrapped smugly round her legs...
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Kemi and Sarah’s bond in the recently released Netflix limited series, “Blood Sisters” is enviable. They were each other’s support system, as evidenced by how...

The muffled sounds and the continuous loud clinking of ceramic plates downstairs woke me up from my sleep. The morning sun from the window was...
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                                      BOUQET AND EVERYTHING AFTER BY PRINCESS .E. AKENZUA                 They buy what’s not in their budget,                 They spend millions on dresses,                 They...
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            DEADBITS OF LAGOS BY PRINCESS .E. AKENZUA           Oh! What a wicked world!         Our lawless beggars are back again,         They roam...
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                                 Warriors in          Heels by Princess .E. Akenzua             Who are they you ask?             They are our sisters, our mothers and grandmothers,...

My worriesMy fearsClouded by the thoughts of tomorrowStill wondering what the future might unfoldMy sorroundingMy spaceLiving in the fear of the unknownTrying to utilize my...

And to think that he loved me,Boy was I so wrong,Choosing himself over and over again,Did I not see that coming?Even when everything was so...