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At Tell!, we are building a digital platform that enable African creatives to seamlessly showcase, monetize and distribute their creative works and skills

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At Tell!, we are building digital, no-code tools that enable African creatives to seamlessly showcase, monetize and distribute their creative works and skills

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                      LUST I was somewhat mesmerized,when the beautiful face of lustlaid its cold and bare...

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Tremors arrest my entire muscles,Fears handcuff all my thoughtsMind numbingChill spurringWhispering that you might land beneath the water The beauty of the blue seaAttract like...
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There was no love lost between mother and daughter.It had been that way since dad eloped with the maid.The runaway father of one… once a...

The end of an era Tobi-Makinde Melody I’ve always heard,That time waits for no one.I admit, I never truly understood it.I just knew the words...

RAGEIn the deepest part of my heart,Emotions put aside,All thought put on holdWith folded arms and steady eyes Neither fear nor surpriseLook upon them as...
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Writing Prompt: Write your own myth to describe what happens to people when they die.   MR NIGER D That was the mnemonic we were...
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After retiring from the army, old soldier became an accomplished businessman, politician and community head. Who’s debauched ways was an open secret in the neighborhood...
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This is an appreciation poem,My way of saying thank you.Thank you for being here,For walking through the dark days that stole your light.Thank you for...
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I did not hear the bullet eject, the Colt 1911 semi auto pistol.Only felt myself being lifted up and off my feet.Then i hit the...